An oil spill spreads 25 square meters every 1/6 hour how much area does the oil spill cover after 2 hours

(2) Answers

I believe that you do 25 times 1/6 and then when you get the answer you multiply the answer by 2


Well, if if you want to find out the oil spill cover in 2 hours, then you need to make 1/6 in terms of hours, so, adding a 0 each side of the fraction will give you 10/60 which means the oil spills 25 square meters in 10 minutes. To make the fraction 10/60, (10 minutes) equal 120/60, (2 hours), you need find out how many 10/60 will go into 120/60 which is 12. Every 10 minutes is 25 square meters so 25*12=300 SO, the answer is, the oil went 300 square meters in 2 hours

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