An office supply company is shipping a case of wooden pencils to a store. There are 64 boxes of pencils in the case. If each box of pencils weighs 2.5 ounces, what is the weight, in pounds, of the case of wooden pencils? Please explain, I don't understand this at all and I really need help, there is also an upcoming test and I want to be prepared.

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The case of wooden pencils will be about 160 pounds because if each box is 2.5 oz and there's 64 boxes, just times 2.5 and 64 and you'll get 160.


Well, the answer would be exactly 160lb So let's pretend all that excess info wasn't there. Meaning the problem would be 64x2.5... Did your teacher teach you how to remove the decimal point then add it back when done multiplying? Well then you would do 64 x25 giving EXACTLY 1600. However, you still have that decimal point to worry about so what you do is, how many steps or hops it took you to get rid of the "." in the decimal 2.5, (in this case one), you put it into your answer ... ei: 1600lb would now become 160 because you are moving the decimal point one time closer to the front of the number

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