An office supply company is shipping a case of wooden pencils to a store. There are 64 boxes of pencils in the case. If each box of pencils weighs 2.5 ounces, what is the weight, in pounds, of the case of the wooden pencils? PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK!! Thanks!

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First Lets figure out the total ounces then we will convert to pounds. 64 boxes of pencils in a case @ 2.5 ounces per box = 64*2.5 = 160 ounces There are 16 ounces in a pound so we divide our total ounces of 160 by 16 160/16 = 10 lbs per case


The answer is 10 pound. Because 1 ounce equal 0.0625 pound, so if you take 0.0625 time by 2.5 it will become 0.15625 pounds this is the amount of 1 box of pencil, to find a hold case you take 0.15625 pounds time by 64 then you have the answer which is 10.

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