an art gallery has 18 paintings and 4 photographs displayed in equal rows on a wall with the same number of each type of art in each row which of the following could be the number of rows

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So if there are 18 paintings and 4 photographs, then they need to be divided evenly into equal groups/rows. 18÷2=9 4÷2=2 A. 2 rows can be possible with 9 paintings and 2 photographs in each row. B. 3 rows are not possible because none of the numbers can be divided by three. C. 4 rows cannot be possible. While 4 can be divided by 4, 18 cannot. D. 6 rows cannot be possible because the only number that can be divided by 6 is 18, which would be three. 4 is not divisible by 6. You were right, the answer is A. with each row containing 9 paintings and 2 photographs! *If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me. I'll be happy to help!

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