An amusement park charges $5 for a one day pass, plus $2 for each ride (r). Write an expression to show how much one person will spend during a one day visit.

(2) Answers

Easy, writing it in y=mx+b form meaning the x is your variable (change) and the b is the inital cost... y=2r+5 $5 for a day pass, and 2r signifies that if your ride 4 rides it will be, (2*4), 8+5=$13 for the whole day... and so on and so forth... Thus, your equation, y=2r+5.


5 dollars is the set amount that you will pay to get in the park, so that covers y = 5, and $2 EACH ride means that for every ride you play, you pay $2, and since the amount of rides you go on is undetermined, X represents the amount of rides. So, that would be y = 2x + 5

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