All organisms in Kingdom Animalia are multicellular, meaning their bodies are composed of more than one cell. Which other characteristic is common to organisms in this kingdom? A. All have a backbone. B. All are able to survive in water. C. All need to get food from an outside source. D. All take in oxygen through their gills. and Which of these organisms are vertebrates in Kingdom Animalia? Choose all answers that are correct? A. worms B. frogs C. clams D. fish

(2) Answers

For the first question, the answer is C. The animals in this kingdom need to get food from an outside source. For the second question, the answers would be B and D. 


Well, For the first one, the answer would be C, because all organisms in Kingdom Animalia must eat in order to survive. For the second one, all of the options are in Kingdom Animalia, but worms (A) and clams (C) are invertebrates.  So that leaves options B and D.

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