ALGEBRA 1 HELP!! The answer is correct, I just need the work for both. *giving brainliest!

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Y2-Y1/X2-X1 is the slope formula you need to use Use any points given X,Y 20,-29.5 22,-32.5 -32.5-(-29.5)/22-20 -32.5+29.5/2 -3/2 Is the slope Look at graphs it has to be (-) so that means from left to right it goes down Only A and D fit that description now use rise /run (another slope formula)(3/2) to see what graph fits Only A has points that go up 3 and sideways 2 A is answer For the second one you literally can plug in x, and y and see if the equation is true Y=17x+1 his points where (1,8) (x,y) Plug in x Y= 17 (1) +1 17+1 18 Y=18 he is wrong the points should be (1,18)

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