A supermarket employee is making a mixture of cashews and almonds. Cashews cost $7 per pound, and almonds cost $5 per pound. The employee wants to make less than 6 pounds of the mixture and wants the total cost of the nuts used in the mixture to be not more than $30. Let x represent the number of pounds of cashews. Let y represent the number of pounds of almonds. Select all inequalities that represent constraints for this situation. A. x + y ≤ 6 B. 7x + 5y < 6 C. x + y < 6 D. 7x + 5y > 30 E. 7x + 5y ≤ 30 F. x + y ≤ 30

(2) Answers

F,C  Are the correct answers


E is the correct Answer Because he wants to use $30 or less dollars 

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