a standard piece of paper is 0.0038 in. thick. How many times would you have to fold it in half for the piece of paper to be thicker than one mile?

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Each time you fold the piece of paper, you double its thickness. So we can write an equation to represent the thickness of the paper:  t=thickness f=# of folds t=0.0038(2)^f Let's solve for f. (2)^f = (t/0.0032) f= log(base 2) of (t/0.0032) The paper needs to be thicker than one mile- or, converted into inches, thicker than 63360 inches. So, f = log(base 2) of (63360)/(0.0032) f = 24.24 The paper must be thicker than one mile, and we can't have a friction for our answer, so we round up to the next greatest integer. The answer is 25 times. Hope this helps!!

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