A square has a perimeter of 28 feet.
What is its area?

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You know that a square has four even sides, and that the perimeter of a shape is l+w+l+w, where l means length and w means width. The perimeter of a square can also just be 4 times any of the side lengths, as they're all the same. From this reasoning, you can find the length of any/all sides by dividing the perimeter by 4.  28/4=7, so the side length of the square would be 7 feet. Area is equal to length times width. And in the case of a square, the area would be length-squared. 7x7=49 The area of a square with a perimeter of 28 feet is 49 feet. Hope this helps :-)


Side multiply side =. Your answer whatch is 49 your perimeter is7 +7+7+7= 28 so u are right

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