Social Studies

A small community has many fishermen who each have a small boat. They are told that a large company will begin fishing near their waters. The fishermen worry that there will not be enough fish for each of them to catch. The fishermen generally don’t communicate well. Based on your knowledge of social traps, what is the most likely outcome of the above scenario? A. The fishermen will begin to fish more often, depleting the local fish supply. B. The fishermen will petition the large company to fish elsewhere. C. The fishermen will cooperate together to avoid over fishing the area. D. The fishermen will ignore the large company and not adjust their practices.

(2) Answers

The answer to this question is the letter "B" which is "The fishermen will petition the large company to fish elsewhere". Immediately. after they were informed that a large company will fish near their area, they try to oppose this filing a petition.


The answer is actually 'a'. I took a quiz with this question and that is what the right answer was. 

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