A school drama department sells 40 more student tickets than adult tickets. Charging $8 for adult tickets and $6 for student tickets, they raise a total of $1,920 in ticket sales. Let x represent the number of adult tickets sold and y represent the number of student tickets sold. Which system of equations can be used to find how many of each ticket is sold?

(2) Answers

s=40+a 6s+8a=1920, using s from above: 6(40+a)+8a=1920 240+6a+18a=1920 24a=1680 a=70 and since s=40+a, s=110 70 adult and 110 student tickets were sold.


8x+6y=1920 Y=40+x 8x+6(40+x)=1920 Solve for x X=120 Y=40+120=160

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