A market has a total of 14 baskets of apples. Each basket contains red, yellow, and green apples. There are 36 apples in each basket. The market has a total of 225 red apples and 120 yellow apples. How many green apples does the market have?

(2) Answers

159 green If there are 14 baskets of apples and 36 apples in each basket then there are 504 apples in all (14*36=504) Then you can take 504-225-120 (the red and the yellow) and whatever is left must be the green. That equals 159. Hope that helps.


The answer is 159 green apples . Here's why: 14 times 36 = 504 225 + 120=345 504 - 345=159 You multiply 36 by 14 because the result is going to be the total of green , yellow and red apples . The total is 504 and the total of yellow and red apples is 345 . You subtract those two to find the total of green apples , which is 159.

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