A gas has an initial volume of 21.7 L at a pressure of 0.4 atm and a temperature of 252 K. The pressure of the gas increases to 2 atm as the temperature increases to 323 K. What is the final volume of the gas?

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We assume that the gas is an ideal gas. Then, we can use the ideal gas equation which is expressed as PV = nRT. The number of moles is constant so the value of PV/T  is equal to some constant. At another set of conditions, the constant is still the same. Calculations are as follows:P1V1/T1  = P2V2/T2V2  = P1V1T2/T1P2 V2 = 0.4(21.7)(323) / 252 (2)V2 = 5.56 L

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