A car that travels from point A to point B in four hours, and then from point B back to point A in six hours. The road between point A and point B is perfectly straight, and the distance between the two points is 240 km. What is the car’s average velocity?

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Note : Be careful with speed and velocity, even the formula is same that [latex]v = \frac{x}{t} [/latex] 1. If we would like to find the velocity, we must calculate the distance from initial to final, [latex] x_{f} - x_{i} = (delta)x[/latex], 2. If we would like to find the speed, we must calculate the total distance that travelled ([latex] x_{total} [/latex]. So, in this question, because it return back to its initial point so (delta)x = 0, so average velocity is 0 m/s.


If you mean average speed, it is 480/10 = 48 kn/h If you mean average velocity, it is 0/10 = 0 km/h

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