99 points! I WILL mark BRAINLIEST! Question: How can you prove that 1 + 2 equals 3? Show your work. I will leave a thanks and 5-star rating to all answers, except for bad ones.

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one, put up one finger. then you have 2. put up two fingers then, when you add them up, you get 3 fingers proving 1+2=3 :v


Well I really don't know an explanation to why 1 + 2 =3 besides that that is what we have been thought all our lives.... but if you raise one finger with one and then raise 2 fingers with the other and join the hands you will be able to see that adding the one finger in one hand plus the 2 in the other hand you will get 3.. There is no explanation of why each number is called that way but we know that we know it by that name because it has been taught for a long time.. its as if someone teaches you since you are a baby that a hat is not called a hat but a table you will grow believing that and studying that but you will never have a concrete reason for why Hope this fulfills your request

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