80 girls and boys have planned for a movie they are any ratio of 6 girls to two boys how many girls are there

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This scenario can be expressed by the equation 6x + 2x = 80 first, add 6x and 2x because they are like terms you are left with 8x = 80 divide both sides and we know that x = 10. so, put 10 back into the original equation: 6(10) + 2(10) = 8 There are 60 girls and 20 boys :)


First add the number of people in each ratikn together. 6+2=8 Now divide the total number of people by the number of people in each ratio to get how many ratios there will be. 80 divided by 8 = 10 Times the number of ratios by the number of girls in each ratio. 10x6=60 There are 60 girls.

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