7 times as much as the sum of 1/3 + 4/5

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This can be simplified to 7(1/3+4/5) and using the order of operations, PEMDAS, we must focus on the parentheses first. To add fractions, you must find a common denominator. For the denominators 3 and 5, this would be 15. To get each fraction to 15, we have to multiply the numerator by the number the denominator was multiplied by (do to the top the same as you do to the bottom) so that would make the problem 5/15 + 12/15. Now you have to solve that problem, without doing anything else to the denominator. The answer would be 17/15, which is simplified to 1 2/15, but since we're multiplying, you don't need to simplify it yet. Now the problem is 7(17/15). We need to make the 7 a fraction, so it becomes 7/1. Now it's 7/1 (17/15). Then you simply multiply across, so it's 7*17 / 1*15, which equals 119/15. Now you simplify it, and it becomes 7 14/15.  Your final answer is 7 14/15. 

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