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This a binomial at the second power, expand it, then put it in standard form. We could also try to FOIL it What does "FOIL" mean? F stands for "first terms," O for "outer terms," I for "inner terms," and L for "last terms." F: First terms: 0.3 and 0.3 are the first terms in the above product of 2 binomials. Multiply them together. O; Outer terms. 0.3 and -2m are the outer terms of the above product. Multiply them together.  0.3 * 0.3 = 0.09 0.3*-2m = -0.6m -2m*0.3 = -0.6m -2m*-2m = 4m Then sum them up: 0.09 - 0.6m - 0.6m + 4m^2 Then, reverse the order of these terms, so that the first term is the m^2 term, the 2nd is the m term and the 3rd is the constant 0.09. Reverse order, as in 4 3 2 1 becomes 1 2 3 4. Final answer: 4m^2 -1.2m + 0.09 HOPE I HELPED. SORRY IF I TOOK A LONG TIME! <3 


So, [latex](0.3-2m)^2[/latex] I will write the decimal in fraction form for convenience. [latex]( \frac{3}{10}-2m)^2[/latex] We can re-write it like this: [latex]( \frac{3}{10}-2m)( \frac{3}{10}-2m)[/latex] Now, we distribute in this order: First, Outer, Inner, Last (FOIL). [latex] \frac{3}{10} * \frac{3}{10} = \frac{9}{100} [/latex] [latex] \frac{3}{10} *-2m= \frac{-3}{5}m[/latex] [latex]-2m*\frac{3}{10}=\frac{-3}{5}m[/latex] [latex]-2m*-2m=4m^2[/latex] Now add the results together. [latex]\frac{9}{100}-\frac{6}{5}m+4m^2[/latex] Convert fractions to decimals. 0.09 - 1.2m + 4m^2 Order in leading order. 4m^2 - 1.2m + 0.09

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