3(1/2)+y= -8 What is Y? Please show it step by step

(2) Answers

3(1/2)+y = -8 Okay, so half of 3 is 1.5. Then the equation is 1.5+y=-8. Now you subtract -8 by 1.5.  You should get -9.5, and I believe that is correct. You can check the answer by replacing y with -9.5.


y=11.5     because you multiply 3 and 1/2 which gets you 3.5 than subtract y from both sides so now you have 3.5=-8-y than you add 8 to both sides so you then get 3.5+8=-y than add 3.5 and 8 which is 11.5 than divide by -y to get a positive y so y=11.5

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