2. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve your family's health and can help to bring you closer together. True False 3. Most people that participate in physical fitness do not enjoy encouraging their family members to get involved with them. True False 4. Obesity begins in the home. True False 5. Most Community Centers cater to teenagers who need a place to "hang-out." True False 6. If you feel that your family could improve their overall level of fitness, you should encourage them to do so. True False 7. Encouraging a walk after dinner can be a way to help your family members engage in physical activity. True False 8. Most Community Centers offer family activity events, health fairs, and education. True False 9. Most people who do not pay attention to their health have spent a lifetime of working out and should take a break from physical activities. True False 10. Poor lifestyle habits take time to change. True False

(1) Answers

2) True 3) False 4) True 5) True 6) True 7) True 8) True 9) False 10) True I hope this helps you out :)

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