Social Studies

1.Name of the civil war battle? 2.Location and dates(s) of the battle? 3.Briefly describe the battle, including leaders, course of events, and the outcome? 4.Describe the environment of the battle. For example, as the battle fought on land or sea? In a town or city or in a rural area? What was the geography, climate, and weather like? 5.What factors influenced the outcome of the battle? 6. What was the significance of the battle in the war?

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1. The name of civil war battle is Wilson's Creek which is also known as battle of Oak Hills. 2. It was fought on August 10, 1861 near Springfield, Missouri. 3.  It was the first important battle west of the Mississippi and the first Union general ,Nathaniel Lyon, was killed at this battle.The battle started because General Lyon was trying to secure Missouri for the Union and he wanted to drive the pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard out of the state. 12,000 Confederate's and 5400 Federals fought for 6 hrs. Both sides suffered high casualties. With their commanding general dead and ammunition running low the Federals retreated and the Confederates claimed the battlefield. Although it was considered a Union defeat,historians believe it saved Missouri for the Union. 4.This civil war was fought in a city.

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