1.In "President Cleveland, Where Are You?" why doesn't Jerry contribute as much as he can to his father's birthday present fund? A. He is angry with his father because his father told him to stop collecting cards. B. He wants to use some of his money to buy more cowboy cards. C. He has already bought his father a present on his own. D. He knows that none of his other siblings have contributed money. 2.Why does Jerry sell his Grover Cleveland card? A. He realizes that he needs an Abraham Lincoln card more than a Grover Cleveland card. B. He is still foolish and immature when it comes to making decisions. C. He already has two other Grover Cleveland cards thanks to Rollie Tremaine. D. He knows that helping his brother is more important than collecting cards.

(2) Answers

1B 2D hope i helped <3 :3 :P


answers: 1. B 2.D Hope that helped!

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