1. For what purpose were the pyramids built? A. As temples devoted to the Egyptian gods and goddesses B. As barracks for the Egyptian armies C. As tombs for the pharaohs D. As natural barriers to keep out enemies 2. In which of the following ways did Egyptians pharaohs differ from kings of other cultures? A. They were absolute rulers B. They were considered gods C. They were considered immortal D. They passed their kingship to their sons 3. Which of the following was NOT among the ways that the invention or papyrus helped to advance Egyptian society? A. It gave them a way to document and communicate important information B. It gave them a medium for artwork, writing, and government administration C. It helped to preserve the body as part of the mummification process D. It aided communication and collaboration on large building projects

(1) Answers

The correct answer for 1 is C. As tombs for the pharaohs. After they would die, they would be buried there. The answer for the second is B. They were considered gods. It was forbidden to even touch them and punishable by amputation or death. The correct answer for third is C. It helped to preserve the body as part of the mummification process. Papyrus was not used in mummification. 

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