1235678 has how many tens in it? how many hundreds in it? and how many thousands? explain

(2) Answers

7 tens, 6 hundreds, and 5 thousands.


My guess: It has 7 tens because the 7 is in the tenths place. It has 6 hundreds in it because a 6 is in the hundredths place. And 5 thousands because a 5 is in the thousandths place. My second mathematical guess: 123,567.8 tens because 12345678 divided by ten is that. 123456.78 hundredths because ^^^hundreds 12345.678 thousandths because^^^ thousands Or another explanation for my second guess is each 0 it has in it is another decimal place moved to the left of the digits 12345678. Hahaha hope I helped. It's just a guess. Lol

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