10. Suppose you earn $7.25 per hour working part-time for a florist. What is the minimum number of hours you must work to earn at least $125.00? Write an inequality to represent this situation and solve. ...?

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To make it like a simple, I'll make an equation. Let x be the number of hours because x represents unknown and we don't know the hours. Then your per hour is $7.25 right? so it would be x7.25. You want to know how many hours you will work so you can earn $125. The equation is simple as this x7.25 = 125. All you have to do is divide the equation by 7.25 because that's your per hour. It will look like this, x7.25 = 125   then the answer would be 17.24 hours.                                     7.25   7.25

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