1. What is the effect of opening the play with the Weird Sisters? Why does Shakespeare choose not to introduce the title character first? 2. Macbeth remarks that the day of the battle is “foul and fair.” Analyze what you think he means. 3. What does Lady Macbeth fear about her husband after she has read his letter? 4. Lady Macbeth directs her husband to “look like an innocent flower/But be the serpent under it.” Explain what she means both generally and specifically. 5. What does Lady Macbeth do to ensure that her husband takes action against Duncan?

(1) Answers

1. The play starts with the Weird Sisters setting the dark tone. The main character is not introduced first in order to highlight the subconscious and the dormant dark side. 2. He means that the day of the battle is both terrible and necessary. 3. She fears that her husband will not be able to do it. 4. She wants him to look harmless but deep down dangerous. 5. She kills the King herself.

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