Social Studies

1. The three-legged stool deals with _____. a. checking accounts, savings accounts, and investment accounts b. checking accounts, savings accounts, and retirement planning c. different types of retirement savings plans d. budgeting, retirement planning, and investment accounts 2. Social security is a payment from _____. a. the United States government b. a pension plan c. a state government d. a private investment 3. When an asset increases in value, it is said to _____. a. depreciate b. be at market value c. appreciate d. have valuized

(1) Answers

The three-legged stool refers to the different sources of money during the retirement - often those are social security, employee pensions, and personal savings. They don't typically involve checking accounts - so the best answer is c) Social Security is a federal program - so it will be paid by the government (answer a) (specifically, it's paid by the payroll taxes) The last answer is appreciate - when talking about economy, appreciate means to "increase in value"

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