1. The North had more manpower than the South due to: A. many large cities located in the Northeast. B. People chose the cooler climate, similar to where they migrated from. C. larger groups migrated together and stayed in the Northeast. D. large cities and many factories were located in the Northeast. 2. Slavery held the South in bondage to an archaic way of life that included which of the following? Select all correct responses. A. Hot and humid Southern weather B. Black slaves C. Tobacco kings D. Large cities with extensive factories E. The gentleman planter with his lifestyle 3. One purpose of the Freedmen's Bureau was to assist African Americans A. adjust to freedom and protect their civil rights. B. become land owners. C. organize to form alliances. D. share abundance of crops.

(2) Answers

1) D 2) A,B,C 3) A Those should be correct though its been a while


1 D and 3 A I believe hope this helps out

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