1. ____________ are granted by governments to ensure ____________. A. Exceptions / civil liberties B. Civil liberties / civil rights C. Civil rights / peace D. Civil rights / civil liberties 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the first five freedoms? A. petition B. privacy C. speech D. religion 3. Which amendment guarantees that all powers not mentioned in the Constitution belong to the states? A. Third Amendment B. Fifth Amendment C. Eighth Amendment D. Tenth Amendment 4. Which amendment protects any right not specifically mentioned in the Constitution? A. Fourth Amendment B. Seventh Amendment C. Ninth Amendment D. Tenth Amendment 5. Which amendment protects the right to own firearms? A. First Amendment B. Second Amendment C. Third Amendment D. Fourth Amendment

(1) Answers

1.) D 2.)B 3.)D 4.)C 5.)B

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