07.02 Seasons Writing Assignment: Write a composition or a letter, in Spanish, to a friend where you include the following items. Use the following tips to help you with this assignment. Choose a Spanish-speaking country you would like to visit. Specify the month you will visit. Describe what the weather is like during each season. Mention at least five articles of clothing that you will need for the trip. Write at least 10 complete sentences. Would this be right?? Hola Allison, Me va a visitor Cuba y pronto. Llegar en el marzo, me quedaré dos semanas. En primavera el clima es cálido pero no caliente. Las noches son frescas. Traeré camisas y pantalones calientes para la noche. Voy a llevar pantalones cortos para el día. En verano, es caliente y lluvioso. En invierno, puede ser muy frío. Cuba no tiene una temporada de otoño. Voy a usar sandalias durante el día. Voy a usar zapatos de tenis por la noche.

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Instead of saying "me va a visitar" say "voy a visitar" because "me va" is like you saying someone is going to visit you. 


the right would is Llegar the correct would for the is Llege o Llegare

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