(02.02 HC) Jake is comparing the prices of two laundry service companies. Company A charges $20 per load and an additional $8 as service charges. Company B charges $24 per load and an additional $4 as service charges. Part A: Write equations to represent Company A's and Company B's total laundry charges for a certain number of loads. Define the variable used in the equations. (4 points) Part B: Which company would charge less for 5 loads of laundry? Justify your answer. (3 points) Part C: How much money is saved by using the services of Company A instead of Company B to clean 9 loads of laundry? (3 points) (10 points) A)$20.00(x) + $8.00 B) $24.00(x)+ $4.00 Part B) Company A would charge less because $20.00 multiplied by 5 is 100 then add on the eight and that become 108. And when you multiply 24 by 5 your answer come out to be 120, yet you must add on the eight so then its 124. So that leaves Company A to charge less. Part C)$80 because if you multiply 20 by 9 it turns out to be 188 then subtract 108 and you get 88.

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